The Virginia Philip Wine, Spirits & Academy

About Us

The Virginia Philip Wine Shop & Academy opened in November of 2011 by internationally renowned Master Sommelier Virginia Philip (“Best Sommelier in the United States” – American Sommelier Association) in the heart of West Palm Beach.  In November of 2017, The Virginia Philip Wine Spirits & Academy opened in Palm Beach.  The West Palm Beach location closed at the end of March, 2018.

“Best Sommelier in the United States” – American Sommeliers Association

At nearly 1,800 square feet and with over 850 personally selected offerings spanning regions all over the globe, the shop gives guests access to Philip’s extensive and encompassing experience. Labels range in price from $10 to $1000+. We have access to the rarest bottles in the world. Utilizing Philip’s unique expertise and industry relationships, the shop also offers regular wine and spirits education programs.

Meet Our Team of Experts

Our talented professionals at Virginia Philip Wine, Spirits & Academy

Virginia Philip

Virginia Philip

Master Sommelier

Master Sommelier Virginia Philip’s career includes a list of recognition spanning more than a decade. An expert among experts, her mastery and opinion is sought by journalists, colleagues and other sommeliers alike.

Gladys Sánchez-Norat

Gladys Sánchez-Norat

Certified Sommelier
Amanda Ozer

Amanda Ozer

Advanced Sommelier

Workshops & Classes

Classes range in focus from regional topics and food and wine pairings, to tips on wine purchasing, spirits and even building your own cellar. Classes range in cost from $30 to $60, depending on the subject matter. A limited number of eight-week courses are available for those looking to immerse themselves in this Master Sommeliers’ full range of knowledge, and include guest appearances from national and international winemakers, friends, and colleagues of Philip.

Virginia Philip Wine, Spirits & Academy offers:

  • Wine, Spirits and Beer Retail
  • Wine, Spirits and Beer Classes
  • Guest Winemaker / Winery Classes
  • Chef Food and Wine Pairing Classes
  • Group & Private Tastings
  • Corporate Gifts/Gift Baskets
  • In home Sommelier Services and Classes
  • Wine and Spirits Training
  • Yacht Services and Wine, Spirits Provisions
  • Cellar Management
  • Riedel Glassware and Wine Accessories
  • And…We Deliver!

Our Philosophy

The Virginia Philip Wine, Spirits & Academy

Whether you are looking for an everyday table wine, a 6-pack of craft beer, vodka or an elusive Bordeaux, the mission of the Virginia Philip Wine, Spirits & Academy is to offer an encompassing retail and education center that welcomes and educates every guest that walks through the door.

2012 James Beard Award Semi-Finalist


Certified Experience

50+ Years of Combined Experience

Competitive Pricing

Great Team

What Others Say About Us


I have been working with Virginia Philip for many years during which time I have come to know what this true “Master” of the wine world is really all about.  There are few if any high level wine professionals who do not know her, or at least know of her outstanding reputation.  When I started collecting I had the ability to distinguish red wine from white wine and the knowledge of what I liked.  Bringing those two attributes (ok, one attribute) to Virginia and asking for her help was the best move I could have made.  Virginia has a supremely deep understanding of all things wine (and for that matter food and spirits) and equally important to me, she has the uncanny ability to relate this information to both experts and beginners alike.

Martin H. PechterPresident/CEO at Southstar Capital Group, LLC

When we were planning our return from Tuscany, our number one fear was where will we find a food and wine culture similar to here?! Within a few weeks of returning home, we popped in to VPWSA and found a literal Oasis in a world of mass production. Not only were there wines from small producers around the globe but also classes from the area’s top winemakers, owners, brand ambassadors and educators.   VPWSA is our paradise here on planet earth!!  Where else can you find bespoke/ artisan (artisanal) wines?  We not only taste them but hear the stories of their birth and growth in vineyards dotted around the globe? Throw in a spattering of top chef’s from elite restaurants sharing their favorite dishes, blended together by our very own Master Sommelier Virginia Philip, and you have a creation that is much more than the sum of the parts!

Andy and Ann Marie Gifford